Leisure activities in Saransk


Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Illarion Yaushev

Theatre hall includes 714 seats. The stage is 400 sq.m.

The theatre is made in a style of Russian modern and national colors. It holds the name of Honored and National Artist Illarion Yaushev, who stood at the origins of opera in the Republic of Mordovia.

In its repertoire: opera and ballet, operetta and musical (musical comedies), performances for children and concerts of classical music.

Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Illarion Yaushev in Saransk

Address: 36 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Str.

Mordovia national drama theatre

Theatre has a big spectators hall for 313 seats: orchestra stalls – 184 seats, balcony of the 1st layer – 32 seats, balcony of the 2nd layer – 91 seats, VIP-loge – 9 seats.

The repertoire of the theatre is musical pieces of Mordovian play writers, such as K.G. Abramov, A.I.Pudin and others. There are also pieces of Russian and World classics and performances for children.

International theatres’ festivals of Finno-Ugric peoples take place since 1991 (in the Republic of Udmurtia, Izhevsk and later in the Mari El Republic, Ioshkar Ola). Mordovia national theatre also participates in all these festivals.

Date of foundation: 1935

Mordovia national drama theatre in Saransk

Address: 27 Sovetskaya Str.

Child center of theatre and films “Kroshka”

Theatre “Kroshka” was opened for little and joyful spectators in Saransk in 1992. There are 230 seats. The performances are for children at the age from 3 to 10 years. Babies will be attracted by magical fairy-tales of world nations and morality tales: puppet and playing shows based on Mordovian, Russian and Foreign fairy-tales, cartoon movies.

Child center of theatre and films “Kroshka” in Saransk

Address: 159 G Polezhaeva Str.

Cultural center of Saransk

Mordovia Republics palace of culture

The most famous concert organizations in the Republic of Mordovia: Mordovia State Philharmonic, Mordovia State chorus “Umarina”; theatre of song “Rosichi”; ensemble of ancient Mordovian music “Torama”, folk ensemble “Kelu” named after G.I. Suraev-Korolev, State chamber choir of the Republic of Mordovia, jazz band “Big Band”. We keep rich traditions of national song folklore, there are band of authentic music performing on various stages. In concert halls of the city it is possible to hear Russian and Foreign classical music.

Mordovia Republics palace of culture in Saransk

Address: 39 Proletarskaya Str.

The Volga-region center of Finno-Ugric peoples’ culture

The Volga-region center of Finno-Ugric peoples’ culture in Saransk

Address: 26 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Str. (3rd floor)

Art shops of Saransk

Art shop “Svetlitsa”

Painting, applied arts, arts and crafts items.

Address: 43 Botevgradskaya Str.


Art shop “Iskusstvo”

Picture framing studio, art shop, gifts and souvenirs shop.

Exposition and sale of folk crafts, painting of Mordovian painters; Don faience, Gzhel, authors ceramics; applied and decorative arts; artworks from stone, souvenirs of Mordovia. Exclusive gifts for any taste. Framing of embroidery, paintings, photos, papyrus. Exhibition and sale of Bulgarian cosmetics.

Art shop “Iskusstvo” in Saransk

Address: 66 Polezhaeva Str.

Art shop “Shedevr”

Sale of pictures, crafts, work of authorship, picture framing studio.

Address: 46 Polezhaeva Str.