Tours in Saransk

We invite you to visit one of the most interesting and picturesque cities of the Volga region, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Saransk is a beautiful, cozy and clean city. One of the main objects of interest is the Cathedral consecrated in the name of Saint Admiral Theodore Ushakov. The sightseeing tour includes the following objects:

  • Millennium Square (One thousand years anniversary of Mordovian people joining to the peoples of the Russian Federation)
  • Main building of Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Illarion Yaushev
  • Fox bridge
  • Cathedral square, Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov. Monument to Admiral Theodore Ushakov, Alexander Nevsky  Chapel, old St.John the Evangelist Church. Monument to Family.
  • Sightseeing platform  of Saransk; Monument to Nikon; Single Museum and Archive complex
  • Soviet Square, War memorial complex, main administrative buildings of the Republic of Mordovia: the House of the Republic, the House of Soviets, the Administration of the city of Saransk
  • Fountain alley, Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Monument to Founders of Saransk.


Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk

St. John the Evangelist Fratry.

Monument to the Orthodox culture in Makarovka village. Former manorial estate of landlords the Polyanskys. Acting fratry at present time.

 Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk


Mordovia Republic’s Museum of Fine Arts named after Stepan Erzya

The museum is not only the largest cultural center of the Republic, but it is also one of the most significant museums of the Volga region, national treasury of the Republic of Mordovia. The basis and the central part of the collection is composed of masterpieces of two men of genius of Mordovia – Stepan Erzya and Fedor Sychkov.

Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk


Mordovia national culture museum.

The collection of wooden sculptures of XVIII century, rare icons of XIX – beginning XX centuries, more than 1000 of household items and ethnography. Museum holds a unique collection of authentic photos, where it is possible to see the appearance, culture and  life of Mordovian people of the end XIX – beginning XX centuries. It is possible to organize master class on making Mordovian  talisman doll and degustation of Mordovian cuisine and beverages.

Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk


Mordovia Republic’s museum of natural studies named after Ivan Voronin.

There are more than 200 of depository items in the museums – subjects of life, instruments of labor, armory, national costumes, subjects of applied and decorative arts, ancient books and historical documents, paleontological, botanical, entomological collections, taxidermied animals and birds, existing on the territory of Mordovia. Permanent exposition of the museum includes 3 sections: historical (history of Mordovia until 1917), modern history (since 1917 till present) and Mordovia nature section. Besides there is an exhibition hall.

Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk   Tours in Saransk

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