Tour Saransk – Staraya Terizmorga

Duration: 7 hours

City tour in Saransk.

  • Millennium Square (One thousand years anniversary of Mordovian people joining to the peoples of the Russian Federation)
  • Main building of Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Illarion Yaushev
  • Fox bridge
  • Cathedral square, Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov. Monument to Admiral Theodore Ushakov, Alexander Nevsky  Chapel, old St.John the Evangelist Church. Monument to Family.
  • Sightseeing platform  of Saransk; Monument to Nikon; Single Museum and Archive complex
  • Soviet Square, War memorial complex, main administrative buildings of the Republic of Mordovia: the House of the Republic, the House of Soviets, the Administration of the city of Saransk
  • Fountain alley, Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Monument to Founders of Saransk.
  • Visit to Mordovia national culture museum. The collection of wooden sculptures of XVIII century, rare icons of XIX – beginning XX centuries, more than 1000 of household items and ethnography. Museum holds a unique collection of authentic photos, where it is possible to see the appearance, culture and life of Mordovian people of the end XIX – beginning XX centuries. 

Visit to Staraya Terizmorga

Center of Mordovia (Moksha) culture in Staroe Shaygovo district. This tour includes visit to an old house - open-air museum. You will see authentic Mordovian culture and try Mordovian national cuisine.