Tour Saransk – Temnikov

Duration: 12 hours

Tour Saransk – Temnikov   Tour Saransk – Temnikov   Tour Saransk – Temnikov

Sightseeing tour in Saransk.

  • Millennium Square (One thousand years anniversary of Mordovian people joining to the peoples of the Russian Federation)
  • Main building of Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Illarion Yaushev
  • Fox bridge
  • Cathedral square, Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov. Monument to Admiral Theodore Ushakov, Alexander Nevsky  Chapel, old St.John the Evangelist Church. Monument to Family.
  • Sightseeing platform  of Saransk; Monument to Nikon; Single Museum and Archive complex
  • Soviet Square, War memorial complex, main administrative buildings of the Republic of Mordovia: the House of the Republic, the House of Soviets, the Administration of the city of Saransk
  • Fountain alley, Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Monument to Founders of Saransk.


Sightseeing tour in Temnikov – the oldest city in the Republic of Mordovia.

Visit to Temnikov local history museum named after Theodore Ushakov. The museum was founded in the building opened in 1812 as a hospital by Theodore Ushakov.

Visit to Mordovia State nature reserve named after Pyotr Smidovich. Here you may walk the ecological path, visit the museum. The museum shows representatives of wildlife of the only nature reserve in Mordovia. It will tell you about historic cultural heritage, ethnography and environment-oriented traditions.